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Ultrasonic level meter-EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd

Ultrasonic level meter (all in one ) -EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd
Ultrasonic level meter-EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd Ultrasonic level meter-EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd Ultrasonic level meter-EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd
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YW-10 Ultrasonic Level Meter

1. Features

The instrument contains a number of patents from research, with a new signal processing technology, it has advantages of safe, clean, high precision, long life, reliable, easy installation and maintenance, simple reading etc; Widely used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment, steel, coal, electricity and food processing industries, suitable for acid, alkali, salt, anti-corrosive, high temperature, explosion-proof and other areas.

  The instrument can be connected to a variety of DCS system through 4~20mA or RS485 (modbus/protocol), provide real time level data for industrial automation operation.

Separate Type ultrasonic level meter has following advantages:


Use die cast aluminum waterproof and explosion-proof housing; Explosion-proof rating to Exd (ia) ⅡBT4.

Stable and reliable

We select high quality module starting from the power part of circuit design, procurement of key components of high stability and reliability of the device selected.


Acoustic intelligence software can analyze the echoes, without any adjustment and other special steps, this technology has the features of dynamic thinking and analysis.

High precision

Level precision can reach to 0.3%,against various kinds of interference waves.

Low failure rate,easy to install and maintain

The instrument is not direct contract with the liquid,so has a lower failure rate.Offers a variety of installation,users can calibrate through the manual.

Variety protection

Protection grade achieve to IP65;All input and output lines are with lightning and against short circuit protection.                                              



2. Technical Indexes

1. Measuring range: 010m

2. Blind spot: 0.3m0.6m

3. Precision:  0.3%

4. Resolution: 1mm

5. Pressure: Under 4 atmosphere

6. Instrument display: With LCD display level or space distance

7. Analog output: 420mA

8. Digital output:: RS485,Modbus protocol or custom protocol

9. Power supply: DC24V,buil-in lightning protection

10. Environment temperature: 20℃ ~ +60℃

11.Protection grade:  IP65

3 Installation guide

3.1 Bracket installation and flange dimensions


Note:the flange size will change based on different transducers,and will be forewarned.

Installation guide

l Bracket installation:fixed L-type bracket on the top of level,then fixed the level meter on the bracket with screws.

l Flange installation:fixed the flange on plate or board,then fixed the level meter on the flange.

3.3 Principles of installation

1) Meter mounting height should less than optional instrument range.

2) The distance of transducer emitting surface to the highest level(blind spot)should more than optional instrument range.

3) Transducer emitting surface should be parallel to the liquid surface.

4) Transducer installation location should avoid being below the inlet and out surface of volatility.

5) If the tank wall is not smooth,instrument should be left more than 0.5m to the tank wall.

6) If the distance from transducer emitting surface to highest level is less than the blind spot,you need to install an extension tube,and be vertical to the surface,the wall should to be maintained smooth.

3.4 Installation notes

1) The instrument should connected with the earth reliably.

2) Wire and cable protection pipes to prevent excessive water.

3) Although the instrument already with a lightning protection device,preferably plus a specific lightning protection device on the inlet and outlet side of instrument when using in the area full of thunders.

4) Instrument used in particularly hot(cold) places,that ambient temperature may exceed the requirements of the instrument,you’d better plus anti-heat(low temperature) devices around instrument.

3.5 Instrument connection

Counterclockwise unscrew the cover can see the wiring board,as shown below:


Post description

rated voltage:AC220V,4-20mACurrent output3 lines relay output.

XPS02+with BA-2 Two core cable for high frequency line

with BA-2 Two core cable shielding line

Two core cable instructions


1) BA-2specific cable length should be (split type)≤50m

2) The distance from level meter to control room should be≤1200m

3) Before and after plug in DC24V power,please double-check the polarity of the power, be careful not to connect reverse.

4) After plug DC24V power,the meter power supply input voltage in not less than 19V.

5)The maximum load of 4~20mA output line should be less than 500Ω.

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