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DOG-209FYA Online Optical Dissolved Sensor

DOG-209FYA type oxygen electrode improved from the previously dissolved oxygen electrode, change diaphragm into a grit mesh metal membrane, with high stability and stress resistant, can be used in a more harsh environment, free maintenance, suitable for urban sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, aquaculture and environmental monitoring and other fields of continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen.
DOG-209FYA Online Optical Dissolved Sensor
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DOG-209FYA Optical Digital Dissolved Oxygen sensor 4-20mA



Technical Indexes


Optical dissolved oxygen sensor

CPVC(or PVC)/ Stainless Steel 316 body with replaceable membrane cap module.

M9 male connectorIP-68



DO: 0-20mg/L

Working temperature: -5 to 50℃

Sat. %: 0-200%


DO: ±0.1mg/L

Temperature: ±0.2℃

Sat.%: ±1.0%


Response Time

30 second to 90% (T-90), 60 seconds to 100%


Expected Luminophore Module Life

2 years  



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