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DOG-208F Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Sensor For pure water

DOG-208 F Dissolved Oxygen Electrode applicable for Polarography Principle With platinum (Pt) as cathode and Ag / AgCl as anode The electrolyte is 0.1 M potassium chloride (KCI).The silicone rubber permeable membrane imported from U.S. serves as the permeable membrane.It has silicone rubber and steel gauze.It is featured by collision resistance, corrosion resistance, high.temperature resistance, shape retention and other performances
DOG-208F Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Sensor For pure water
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1.Measuring range: 0-100ug/L
2.Electrode material: 316L stainless steel
3.Temperature compensation resistor: 2.252K 22K Ptl00 Ptl000 etc
4.Sensor life: >3 years
5.Cable length: 5m (double shielded)
6.Detection lower Limit: 0.1ug/L(ppb)(20℃)
7.Measurement upper limit: 20mg/l(ppm)
8.Response time: ≤3min(90%, 20℃)
9.Polarization time: >8h
10.Minimum flow rate: 5cm/s; 515 L/h
11.Drift: <3%/month
12.Measurement error: <±1 ppb
13.Air current: 50-80nA Note: Maximum current 20-25 uA
14.Polarization voltage: 0.7V
15.Zero Oxygen: <5ppb(60min)
16.Calibration intervals: >60 days
17.Measured water temperature:0~60℃


Scope of application

Applied to thermal power plants, power plant desalted water,.

boiler feed water etc places of trace oxygen content.

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