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GPE800/801 Industrial Pure water PH Sensor

GPE800/801 Industrial Pure water PH Sensor
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Technical Indexes

Measuring range: 0-14pH  

Temperature range: 0-85℃

Compressive strength: 0.6MP   

Socket: S8 and PGl3.5 thread

Dimensions: Diameter 12 x 120    

Material: Glass









It adopts gel or solid electrolyte, resisting pressure and helping reduce resistance; low  

resistance sensitive membrane.

Waterproof connector can be used for pure water testing.

There is no need for additional dielectric and there is a little amount of maintenance.

It adopts BNC connector, which can be replaced by any electrode from abroad.

It can be used in conjunction with 361 L stainless steel sheath or PPS sheath.









Field of application


Water treatment, pure water industry, power plants, etc.

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