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ORP-1901 ORP Meter

1. Measuring range: -l999~ +1999mV, Resolution: l mV2. Accuracy: 1mV,±0.3℃, Stability:≤3mV/24h3.ORP standard solution:6.86,4.014.Control range: -l999~ +1999mV5. Automatic temperature compensation:0~100℃6. Manual temperature compensation:0~80℃
ORP-1901 ORP Meter ORP-1901 ORP Meter ORP-1901 ORP Meter ORP-1901 ORP Meter ORP-1901 ORP Meter ORP-1901 ORP Meter ORP-1901 ORP Meter
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 orp ph meter for waste water ORP-1901

Technical Indexes

1. Measuring range: -l999~ +1999mV, Resolution: l mV

2. Accuracy: 1mV,±0.3℃, Stability:≤3mV/24h

3.ORP standard solution:6.86,4.01
4.Control range: -l999~ +1999mV
5. Automatic temperature compensation:0~100℃
6. Manual temperature compensation:0~80℃
7. Output signal: 4-20mA isolated protection output
8. Communication interface:RS485(Optional)
9. Output control mode :ON/OFF relay output contacts
10. Relay load: Maximum 240V 5A; Maximum l l5V 10A
11. Relay delay: Adjustable
12. Current output load:Max.750Ω
13.Signal impedance input: ≥1x1012Ω
14. Insulation resistance:≥20M
15. Working voltage:220V±22V,50Hz±0.5Hz
16.Instrument dimension: 96(length)x96(width)x115(depth)mm
17.Dimension of the hole: 92x92mm
19. Working condition:
①ambient temperature:0~60℃
②Air relative humidity:≤90%
③Except for the earth magnetic field, there is no interference of other strong magnetic field around.

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