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PXG-1915 online Ion meter

pXG-1915 Industrial online Fluorine Ion analyzer is our company’s latest micro-computer based high-end instrument. It is characterized by complete English display, English menu operation, intelligence, multiple functions, high measuring performance, and strong environment adaptability. It is designed to measure fluorine ion on-line monitoring. It is suitable for the occasion of containing fluoride ion.
PXG-1915 online Ion meter
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PXG-1915 Industrial Fluorine&Chlorine Ion Analyzer 



Technical Indexes

1. Measuring range: fluorine ion concentration:0.2ug/L~2300mg/L temperature:0~99.9

2. Resolution: fluorine ion concentration:0.1ug/L, temperature:0.1

3. Automatic temperature compensation range:: 0~99.9,with 25 as the reference temperature

4. Accuracy:±2.5%,±0.3

5. Solution tested:: 0~99.9, 0.6MPa


7.Response speed:32/s 25,50/s 15

8. Clock accuracy: ±1 minute/month

9. Isolated current output: 0-10mA (load resistance <15KΩ);

4-20mA (load resistance <750Ω)

10. Output current error: ≤±1%FS

11. Data storage capacity: l month (1 point/5 minutes)

12. Alarm relay: AC220V, 3A

13. Communication Interface: RS485(optional)

14. Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz,24V DC(optional)

15. Protection grade: lP54, it is applicable for outdoor use.

16. Overall dimension: 146 (length) x 146 (width) x 150 (depth) mm; dimension of the hole: 138 x 138mm

17. Weight: 1.5kg

18. Working conditions: ambient temperature: 0-60; relative humidity <85%

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