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DOG-1902 onlline Dissolved oxygen meter-EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd

DOG-1902 has special price advantages due to its simplified functions on the premise of guaranteed performance. The clear display, simple operation and high measuring performance provide it with high cost performance. It can be widely used for continuous monitoring of the dissolved oxygen value of the solution in thermal power plants, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy, biochemical engineering, foodstuff, running water and many other industries. It can be equipped with DOG-209F Polarographic Electrode and can do ppm level measurement.
DOG-1902 onlline Dissolved oxygen meter-EIT Solutions Co.,Ltd
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DOG-1902 onlline Dissolved oxygen meter



Technical Indexes

1. Measuring range: 0.00~1 9.99mg / L Saturation: 0.0~199.9%

2. Resolution: 0. 01 mg/L    0.01%

3 Accuracy: ±1.5%F.S

4. Control range: 0.00~1 9.99mg/L  0.0~199.9%

5. Temperature compensation: 0~60℃

6. Output signal: 4-20mA isolated protection output, double current output available, RS485 (optional)

7. Output control mode: On/Off relay output contacts

8. Relay load: Maximum: AC 230V 5A

Maximum: AC l l5V 10A

9. Current output load: Allowable maximum load of 500Ω.

10. On-ground voltage insulation Degree: minimum load of DC 500V

11. Operating voltage: AC 220V l0%, 50/60Hz

12. Dimensions: 96 × 96 × 115mm 

13. Dimension of the hole: 92 × 92mm

14. Weight: 0.8 kg

15. Instrument working conditions:

Ambient temperature: 5 - 35 ℃

Air relative humidity: ≤ 80%

 Except for the earth magnetic field, there is no interference of other strong magnetic field around.

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