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WSPH1912 Waste water treatment pH sensor

1.Adopt international advanced solid dielectric and large area PTFE liquid junction, no clogging, easy maintenance.2.Long distance reference diffusion path, extends electrode life greatly in harsh environments. Using PPS / PC shell, Up and down 3/4NPT pipe thread, easy installation, no need sheath, saving installation costs.3.Electrode is made of high quality low-noise cable, make signal output length greater than 40 meters or more, without interference.
WSPH1912 Waste water treatment pH sensor
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WSPH1912  Waste water treatment pH sensor electrode probe 


Model No.: WSPH1912

Measuring range: 0~14PH  

Temperature range: 0-60

Compressive strength: 0.6MPa  

Material: PPS/PC

Installation Size: Upper and Lower 3/4NPT Pipe Thread  

Connection: Low-noise cable goes out directly.

The antimony is relatively sturdy and corrosion-resistant, which meets the requirements for solid electrodes,

corrosion resistance and the measurement of the water body containing hydrofluoric acid, such as the

wastewater treatment in semiconductors and iron and steel industries. The antimony-sensitive film is used for

the industries corrosive to the glass. But there are also limitations. If the measured ingredients are replaced by

antimony or react with antimony to produce complex ions, they should not be used.

Note: Keep the antimony electrode surface cleaning; if necessary, use the fine

Sandpaper to polish the surface of antimony.

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