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pHG-1901 Online PH Meter

pHG-1901 industrial online PH meter is precision meter for measurement of PH value of solution. With complete functions, stable performance, simple operation and other advantages, they are optimal instruments for industrial measurement and control of PH value. Various PH electrodes can be used in pHG-1901 industrial online PH meter.
pHG-1901 Online PH Meter
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pHG-1901 Industrial On line Swimming Pool Digital PH Meter


Technical Indexes

1. Measuring range: 0~14.00pH,  Resolution:0.01pH

2. Precision:0.05pH,±0.3

3. Stability:≤0.05pH/24h

4.Automatic temperature compensation: 0~100(pH)

5.Manual temperature compensation:0~80(pH)

6. Output signal: 4-20mA isolated protection output, dual current output

7. Communication interface:RS485(optional)

8. Control interface: ON/OFF relay output contact

9.Relay load: Maximum 240V 5A; Maximum l l5V 10A

10. Relay delay: Adjustable

11.Current output load:Max.750Ω

12. Insulation resistance:≥20M

13. Power supply: AC220V ±22V, 50Hz ±1Hz

14. Overall dimension: 96(length)x96(width)x110(depth)mm;dimension of the hole: 92x92mm

15. Weight: 0.6kg

16. Working condition: ambient temperature:0~60, air relative humidity:≤90%

Except for the earth magnetic field, there is no interference of other strong magnetic field around.

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