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Automatic water quality analysis control system

Automatic water quality analysis control system

  More and more water pollution incidents are affecting the nerves of the whole society. The quality of water resources is closely related to people's health. It is of great significance to analyze and test water quality to ensure the quality of water used in production and living. An automatic water quality analysis and control system that can realize automatic detection of various parameters of water quality samples and facilitate users to understand water quality in time is designed. The detection principle of the whole system is based on the principle of selective absorption of light by materials, namely spectrophotometry. By measuring the absorbance of the sample solution, combined with the standard curve, we can determine the concentration of the sample tested. The automatic water quality analysis control system is divided into two parts: water quality analyzer and PC control software. The water quality analyzer adopts 8-bit single-chip microcomputer of ATMEL model ATmega128 as the main control single-chip microcomputer. The single-chip microcomputer is a new type of simplified instruction set (RISC) single-chip microcomputer with high-speed processing capability of 1MIPS/MHz. The instrument communicates with the PC software via the RS232 serial port. Combined with the specific requirements of system control and detection process, data analysis and user software functions, the overall architecture of the automatic water quality analysis control system PC software was proposed, and the design and implementation of PC software was completed.